Sunday, October 8, 2017

09102017: Skin care routine update

Ages since I last updated, busy catching up with life :)

So about a month ago I had rashes, which are more Eczema like than anything related to ichthyosis. This created open cuts and using the body scrub I recommended earlier has resulted in stinging sensation and it was not comfortable. I previously also read that frequent scrub will result in abrasions and additional dryness. 

Thus, I was on a hunt for suitable body wash. The first criteria is that it must be soap-free, non drying. I found a body wash by ROSKEN, for dry skin (in light green, right side). It is suitable for senstive skin and is soap-free. I have not seen this around in Malaysia before so figured it is newly imported. 

It usually comes with the Sensitive skin cream, or lotion (in light blue, left side) but I have yet to try this because I am still using the Vaseline Intensive Care lotion as mentioned here:

My verdict for the ROSKEN Dry Skin Body wash: it smells slightly medicated, very mild bubbles and does not feel oily or sticky to me. Though the soap-free element may leave you feeling less clean, it helps in keeping the sensitive skin moist. I usually just do a double wash (rinse off the first round and wash another round) for a cleaner feeling.  

So now I am using this on a daily basis and the bodyscrub only once a aweek.

Might try a combination of both ROSKEN products (for dry & senstivie skin) and hopefully get a better result!

I bought mine under promotion, 3 bottles of 400ml each, at RM60. So each bottle is around RM20+ usually, approximately with the Vaseline Intensive lotion I am using.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

14072015: Amazing shower scrubs!

I found these tubs of bath salts on a local Malaysian online shop on Instagram.
 Since it was quite cheap for a big tub (700g) and all the reviews were positive,
 I decided to give them a try!

My first purchase was the Detox scrub which is black in coal due to the coal content. 
Bought it because the reviews were really great with photographic proofs. 
Before I even finished it, 
I bought another tub together with the Dry Away scrub which 
works excellent for removing scaly skin.

I use them alternatively as suggested by the seller and now rarely have bad scaly skin,
 there is no need to scrub! 
Sometimes I can even skip my lotion when I am on a rush,
 I used to think I can't live without lotion. 
I bring these tubs everywhere with me! 
Sometimes the detox and other times the dry away.

RM29.00 each (700g)
Contact freshop_malaysia if you're residing in Malaysia.
If you're overseas and would really like to try these, contact me.
I will find out whether they ship overseas or maybe I can ship them for you! ^^

They are all homemade with natural ingredients. My skin is very very sensitive towards soap. Anything soapy or contains antibacterial properties, it will start becoming reddish and peels.

This was my skin condition before and after shaving, which I posted in this post questioning whether shaving helps: But you can't possibly shave everyday and this only happens when I shave after a very longgg time.

It's the most effective, natural and no side effects product I've tried so far.

Now! Big difference? What's more amazing, no lotion!
I am not promoting the products, 
just sharing what really works and since it's so cheap (RM29 = less than 8USD?!) it's worth the try!
These are my 3rd purchase!! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

02052015: Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion

I changed my whole routine because I found the side effects of the cream and lotion I was using.

If you read my past posts on Handling Eczema where I used Econazine cream, it contains quite high steroid. After I used it with the Dermal Therapy lotion, my skin was thinning very badly. Which I believe the Dermal Therapy contained restricted ingredients which was why it was restricted in my country. The side effects was scary, a little rub or abrasion my skin gets scald-like wound. I stopped using both.

I went to the pharmacy and requested for something lighter than Econazine, I was given Egocort. My brother is using the same cream, it works better for mild eczema I am currently having. It is less thinning compared to Econazine. 

Since I was not allowed to buy anymore Dermal Therapy lotion, I had been using St. Ive's for the past few months. I mentioned about St. Ive's here. One day I was desperately searching for St. Ive's Vitamin E but it was sold out at all Guardians and Watsons outlets nearby. I had to travel the next day so I grab a bottle of Vaseline Intensive rescue Moisture Locking, it is great! I rarely have flakes now and I don't even scrub so often anymore. It could be a new lotion because I have not seen it before. And best thing is it's Hypoallergenic, my skin is so sensitive it has to be Hypoallergenic lotion.

I saw Repairing moisture and Soothing moisture online but have yet to see these on the counter. I do however avoid air conditioned room, avoid hot shower...anything which could possibly make the skin dryer than it's already is.

I am currently trying out homemade bath salt and moisture scrub, will share review once I can see any difference :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

11122014: Skin allergy

My finger tips are peeling very badly. They weren't this sensitive until early this year. Each time I lay my hands on soap which are not baby friendly or non organic, they will start peeling. Washing detergent (for dishes and clothes) are worst. Even when not direct contact, touching the clothes after they are tumbled dried also caused the peeling.

There were times when I lost my sense of touch or they became so sensitive to touch. When it peels, the tips become reddish and the areas are protected by only thin layer of skin, I find it painful to even button up my shirt/pants or opening containers. When the new layer of skin grows, the peels become hard and made it difficult to feel textures.

I was requested for my thumb prints for my IC and driving license renewal. But due to this problem,my thumb prints cannot be detected by the machine. The conventional way using the stamp pad also resulted into thumb print which looked different all the time.

Hand creams and Dermal Therapy are not helping.  =.=

Thursday, November 27, 2014

28112014: No more dermal therapy?

Hello there! So it was been months since I last updated. Skin condition is good, getting spots of eczema here and there probably due to the humidity (it's monsoon season over here). Or it could be the dryness due to the air conditioner since I started working (office based). That's how problematic it is, the weather cannot be too wet or too dry =.=

I tried avoiding medication but sometimes it bothers my sleep so I have to take sleeping pill (only once so far, touch wood) and use the Econazine cream when the breakout is really bad. I heard that these skin cream has thinning effects (I know my skin "grow" or shed faster than normal) but I am not going to risk it :)

Back in March I wrote about Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy Lotion (link here). So after I finished that bottle, which arrived in a month using "not trackable surface mail small packet" shipping method, I ordered another 1 bottle. I did ask my readers to purchase in bulk but I was unemployed so I can only afford one at that time >_<

It was a terrible mistake that I ordered only when my first bottle was finishing. This time it took 2 months!! And for 2 months I had to use my St.Ives, which was quite torturous. I was back to using long pants and long sleeves, I really avoided shorts, skirts and dresses. It is important to understand that there is no cure for Ichthyosis, there are only relieve methods and ways to reduce the side effects. So when I stopped using the lotion, my skin was back to its dry-state.

Now, there is another very terrible horrible news (for Malaysians at least). The Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy Lotion is against the Malaysia's law. The reason for the additional 1 month delay was because the lotion was on hold by the custom officers. I was issued a warning letter as I attached below:

I understand that there are many unregistered cosmetics being brought into Malaysia but continued to being widely used in Malaysia. This lotion is probably the only thing which really work for many of us suffering from Ichthyosis Vulgaris. Since the lotion is created specifically to treat Ichthyosis, I have not feel any side effects from it. I, however, have never requested for my family or friends without Ichthyosis to try the lotion so I am unsure how will it effect people without Ichthyosis.

I have used a quarter of my second bottle and now thinking on how can I get the lotion in future. I need opinions on whether seeing a skin specialist help? Can I request for a specialist prescription? How if the specialist will not help? (Or not even know about Ichthyosis, like those I seek for at Government hospital years ago) And seeing specialist means more money to be spent T____T

Quite frustrated as well because not only the doctors were not able to diagnose my skin problem (read here), even prescribed me with the wrong medicine (which worsen the condition) and now they want to stop me from using the only thing which works for me wtf

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

11032014: Dermal Therapy's Alpha Hydroxy Lotion

I received a few comments and emails regarding the "miracle lotion" on Ichthyosis forum. 
The miracle lotion here is Dermal Therapy's Alpha Hydroxy Lotion 
which can be bought from 
This product is formulated specially for Ichthyosis skin type with high content of 
Urea and Lactic Acid which helps the skin to shed.

Previously I found a friend in Malaysia who is also suffering from Ichthyosis who asked whether any Malaysian wants to order the lotion with her in bulk to save on postage. However at that moment I just bought a new big bottle of St.Ives and figured I will order only after I finish my St.Ives. So she ordered without me. After I finished my St.Ives, I figured it is really time to give this one a try, so I went ahead to get a bottle. Only one as I was afraid that it may not suit my skin as some user said they dislike the strong smell of urea.

For 1 bottle that I ordered, I was given the option to choose between postage with tracking and without tracking. Obviously the postage without tracking is cheaper than those with tracking. So I asked my friend who has experienced buying the product. She said she used the postage without tracking twice and never lost the product, they all arrived fingers crossed!

Here are the emails I received after placing my order:

First you will receive your order summary in your shopping chart. One bottle of 16 oz. is $25. 
I didn't try if I order more than one whether the shipping & handling will be reduced but I think it will.

Second you will receive another email for shipping out of Canada/US. Other types of shipping are more expensive the the lotion itself T_____T so I chose the not trackable surface mail small packet after hearing the review from fellow Ichthyosis friend. After that it depends on luck, I waited for almost 4 weeks (a month). I was really worried it will be lost and there is no way for me to ever track it. But in fact it arrived early! 12 weeks can be a devastating wait. When it arrived, I was so happy!

So in total for one bottle I paid $25+$8+$18.13=$51.13. That is like RM167.65 based on today's exchange rate. It shouldn't be much different on other days except if there is a major change in the exchange rate. Based on what our Ichthyosis friend said, one bottle could last 2-3 months.

Buying in bulk will definitely be cheaper because you will be saving on shipping. For example if you buy 2-3, the not trackable shipping will be only few dollars additional, around $25.

The package arrived safely!

And so securely wrapped up in bubble wraps!

Here is the lotion! and free samples~

They gave 4 packets of best-selling Dermal Therapy Heel Care cream samples.
Haven't use them cause I don't have cracked heels but gave them to my brother :)

Regarding the lotion, Awesome!! It really is a miracle lotion. I used it in Malaysia and not greasy at all! But my Mum did complaint about the urea smell. So after using the lotion, I topped it with nice-smelling baby lotion :) I recently went to Hong Kong which has Spring temperature, I didn't scrub for a week and I can still barely see flakes! Now I can confidently wear shorts and skirts in public, am so thankful for this miracle lotion.

However since it is quite pricey to be bought individually, especially the shipping, I hope in future fellow Malaysians suffering from Ichthyosis can share the shipping fee! Feel free to drop me an email at meilinxo(at)gmail(dot)com or using the "contact me" box on the right sidebar if you are interested to share shipping with us! :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

08022014: Does shaving helps the skin shed?

Hello! Back from (Chinese New Year) CNY holidays~
So during CNY we wear new pretty and new clothes, naturally as a lady I would love to wear skirts and dresses, not to mention Cheongsam (traditional Chinese dress)!

I don't have really hairy body, meaning I rarely shave because it's unnecessary, plus I wear long jeans or leggings most of the time. 
Once in a while when I want to wear dress or skirt I will shave/wax my legs and one thing I found out, everytime after I did that, my skin is super smooth!

I told my Mum about it and she said maybe because I cleared the hair follicles and makes the skin shedding easier. But of course I can't shave everyday, not only it is time consuming but it actually grows kinda slow. No point of shaving if there is nothing right? So after a week or 2 after shaving, it goes back to square one. Rough and cracked skin.

So just wanna share on how different it looks like before and after shaving.
These were taken under the same lighting of my room.
The "Before" is before I shave my legs, hair is fine so not quite visible but you can still slightly see.
"After" is a day after I got them shaved! 
The "After" photo probably looks brighter because of angle and because my skin is brighter!! :)

There is a patch of darker pigmented area as you can see at the center.
I had been scrubbing this part like mad, lightened a bit but I think it is some stubborn dead skin >_<
So after I shaved, I went out visiting in my favourite skater mini skirt!
But there was still slight insecurity, I avoid bright places just so I can hide my skin a lil.
But still, if you have an emergency, try shaving and slab on lots of hydrating lotion.
You might get smooth skin for at least 3 days!
Sufficient for me, at least, to wear skirts and dresses out~